This month, our unmoderated fast tool, Express, had several exciting features added.


What's new?



  • Duplicate Express missions
    Ready to create another mission? Choose "copy from a previous mission" from your project home page and adjust your settings for the new project. Easily switch the recruitment method, mobile vs. desktop, scout location, etc., and start your mission.


  • Add stimuli to auto-recruit screening
    Confirm if a scout has a specific model of a product before including them in a mission. Add stimuli to screener questions in an auto-recruit media survey or usability mission. This will give you an additional layer of specificity on who you're recruiting and help you find the right people quickly.


  • Start piping in Express
    Make your follow-up questions in media surveys or usability tests more specific by tailoring them to participants' previous responses. To craft your next set of questions, you can now use piping (aka recall logic) to recall responses from earlier closed-ended questions (within the same activity). Learn more about piping and how to set it up.


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