You can now add and preview visual stimuli at the question level in your Screeners, Diary missions and Express missions. Attach images to questions to quickly receive feedback from scouts on new concepts or designs. Stim can be attached to all question types, except for the Screen Recording prompt. Preview images to ensure your stim will display correctly to the scouts participating.

About Stim

  • You can attach up to 5 images to a question. 
  • Stim cannot be randomized, and is presented in the order you specify. If you have multiple images attached, scouts will swipe through them one at a time.
  • Scouts must view all images associated with a question before they are able to provide a response and advance to the next question 

How to Attach Stim

  • When drafting your Screener, Diary mission, or Express mission, navigate to the appropriate question. Open the question draft, and select “+ Add Stimuli”.
  • Begin to single or bulk add stim to your Upload Library. You can access your Upload Library for all questions in that screener or mission. The recommended file sizes per stim image are 1MB or smaller! The recommended file sizes for mobile stim is a 9:16 aspect ratio, with dimensions 1080x1920. The recommended file sizes for desktop stim, which is available if you add stim to a question within a desktop diary mission activity, is a minimum width of 1300 pixels. Images smaller than 1300 pixels wide may appear blurry or pixelated. 
  • Pro tip: Hover your mouse over '(Prompt)' to view the question. 


  • From your Upload Library, select the images you would like to attach to the question for scouts to view. You can choose the order images are presented as you select them from the Upload Library, or you can rearrange this order by clicking and dragging them once the images are inserted. 
  • Image titles are shown to scouts by default - once you have inserted your images, you can choose to either hide or show image titles to scouts. 
  • The question preview will let you know how many images are attached. 

How to Preview and Download Stim

You can preview stim before you launch your Screener, Diary or Express mission. This will help ensure that you've uploaded the appropriate image, and that it will display correctly to scouts when they participate. Download stim to use in other screeners, missions, or just for safe keeping.

  • Preview stim when editing a question. In a Screener, Diary or Express mission that is in draft mode, hover your mouse over the stim thumbnail until you see the 'Preview' icon, and click. A preview of your stim image will appear displaying it at the approximate size and ratio scouts will see when participating. (This applies for mobile and desktop stim which is available in desktop activities of a Diary mission.) Scroll through all stim images associated with that question. 

Screen_Shot_2021-04-27_at_3.06.33_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-04-27_at_3.07.54_PM.png

  • Preview stim when reviewing a question. When reviewing your Screener, Express or Diary missions in draft mode, you can now preview stim from the question review state. You can follow the same steps mentioned above!


  • Preview stim using the mobile preview. In draft Screeners, Express or Diary missions (mobile activities only), turn on mobile preview by selecting the phone icon in the top right hand corner of any question with stim included. Then, click the black 'Preview' button in the top right hand corner of the mobile preview. A preview of your stim image will appear displaying it at the approximate size and ratio scouts will see when participating. Scroll through all images associated with that question.
  • If you have 'Show Titles' selected, the title will be included in the preview. 


  • Download stim from the stim library: When editing a question in your draft Screener, Express or Diary Mission, click the ‘Add stimuli’ button. You’ll be able to download stim images individually by clicking the down arrow icon next to the image. Download stim in bulk by clicking the ‘download all’ button in the top right corner. You must have researcher or Account Owner access or above to download stim. 


You can also view your stim after your Screener, Express or Diary mission is launched, and download stim images.

  • Preview and download stim in an individual entry, in the closed-ended responses view and open-ended responses view. Once your Screener, Express or Diary mission has launched, you will be able to view stim by clicking on the stim thumbnail. Once you click the stim thumbnail, you can download individual stim images by clicking the download icon or 'Download Image'. 


screen_shot_2021-07-27_at_4.10.39_pm.png  screen_shot_2021-07-27_at_4.10.21_pm.png

  • Download stim in bulk via the export button: In launched screeners, Diary or Express missions, you will be able to export all stimuli in the mission/screener as a zip file by clicking the export button (the box with the arrow pointing out of it) in the top-right corner of your mission’s entries page. Just select ‘Screener/Mission Stimuli’ 


The Scout Experience

  • Check out the video below to see the scout experience with stim:

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