If you use Figma to design and build your prototypes, you can use your designs with participants in dscout. You can also use the dscout > Figma integration to access more testing features with a dscout Usability test. 

Connecting your Figma account gives dscout read-only access to the Figma files you have access to. You can opt out anytime by removing the Figma integration in Figma or dscout. 

Using the Figma integration

Using the dscout > Figma integration with a dscout Usability test allows you to: 

  • Collect prototype heat maps and click events in a dscout usability task question. dscout cannot access the Figma data to generate heat maps and click events without the Figma integration. 
  • Select a start screen (frame) to easily control the starting point of a task.
  • Select a success screen (frame) to easily program success.

Not using the Figma integration

You can use a Figma prototype without the Figma integration if:

  • You don't want to see heatmaps for your prototype.
  • You use Figma prototype links outside of a dscout Usability task question (i.e., in a Diary mission). 

Learn more about using Figma with dscout in the following articles:

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