If you encounter an error while adding a Figma prototype to your mission, follow the outlined advice below to troubleshoot the error. 

Shortened prototype link

If you receive a shortened prototype link error, the URL included in the task question is a shortened version of the original prototype URL and will not work correctly. For example, this may happen if the URL is copied from a Slack message. 

To resolve this error, grab the prototype link directly from Figma and paste in dscout. Learn more about how to get the correct share link in the Preparing your Figma File For Testing article. 

Missing starting point

When testing a Figma prototype, the prototype must have a starting point. If a starting point is not set, the prototype will result in an error. 

To resolve this error, add a flow starting point to the prototype. Once added, grab the new prototype link and paste it in dscout. Learn more about how to set a starting point here: Figma - Flow starting points.

File too large

Figma file is too large to process. This may be because the file has extra pages and frames or is not a dedicated testing file. 

To resolve this error, optimize your prototype for testing by removing any pages and frames within the file that are not required for test and then refresh the prototype in dscout. You can also copy the prototype flow to a new file (with only content essential for testing in it) and then use this new dedicated testing file in dscout. Learn more about how to optimize your prototype for testing in the Preparing your Figma File For Testing article. 

No access

The person adding the prototype to dscout does not have access to the file/prototype in Figma.

To resolve this error, check the share settings in Figma. You’ll need access to both the Figma prototype and Figma file. If the file is part of a project, you will need access to the project as well.  Learn more in Figma’s help doc about sharing files and prototypes

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