Live markers, notes, and clips allow you to highlight important moments and take notes in a Live mission. Read more below about how you can utilize these features during and after a session!


During the Session

Highlight important moments with markers

During a Live session, the moderator(s) and any observers can click the ‘Mark Time’ button in the lower right corner. Clicking this button will mark that location on the session timeline so you can return to it later. You can also create a marker by pressing Ctrl + M on your keyboard. 


If you choose to, you can add a label to your marker by clicking the text box that appears in the lower-right corner. Click “Add Label” to add the label to the marker you created. By default, markers will be saved and unlabeled.


Take Notes 

Moderators and observers can take notes during a Live session by clicking the clipboard icon in the top right corner. The timestamp next to the clock icon denotes the session time at which this note was created. The author and content of notes is visible to all project collaborators. 


After the Session

Create Clips

In addition to markers and notes, you can also create clips in a completed session. Clips—which can be up to 10 minutes long—allow you to easily isolate key segments of Live session videos to share or create playlists with. From an individual session page, hover over the scout video to bring up the ‘Create Clip’ button in the top right corner. Click this button once to create your video clip. 


In the Clips section beneath the scout video, you can mark individual clips as favorites, edit clip timestamps and export clips.

Read more about the Clips & Playlists Tab here!


Review Markers

Click on the Markers dropdown in the top left corner of the transcript sidebar to quickly view and jump to individual markers. Markers are also visible in the transcript within the platform, but will not be visible in your transcript export.



Review Notes

When watching a session recording, tap on the page icon in the top right corner to expand the notes sidebar. Here you'll see any notes left during the session in addition to new ones left after the session occurred.


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