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Must-select can be set on Multiple Select questions. Use this logic to designate response choices scouts must select to qualify. Knockout takes priority and will disqualify scouts (in the example below, someone who chooses "Books" and "Magazines" will still be disqualified). Per your selection, scouts must choose at least one OR all must-select choices to qualify. Logic doesn’t need to be applied to all choices.





In Express, must-select logic works a little differently. On multi-select questions, you have an option of ‘Must Select’, ‘May Select’, and ‘Knockout’, and logic must be applied to all answer choices.

All choices will pre-populate as ‘May Select’, which means that scouts may select that answer choice to continue. If scouts must select an answer choice to continue, or if scouts should be knocked out for selecting an answer choice, click on the arrow in the box next to that answer choice to change the applied logic.


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