The dscout platform offers a robust suite of media question types to use in screeners, Express missions, and Diary activities. These include photo questions (supporting pictures + screenshots), as well as video prompts and screen recording prompts.

dscout products vary when it comes to the number of photos a scout can submit, and the length their video recordings can be. Click the links below to learn about each of our product's unique media limits and capabilities:


Recruit (Screeners)

  • Scouts can submit up to 1 photo and 1 video response
  • Videos (selfie, outward facing, or screen recording) can be a max of 1 minute
    • As a best practice, we do not recommend the use of screen recordings in screeners as they are often more personal, and may be difficult for less tech-savvy scouts


Express missions

  • Scouts can submit unlimited photos and up to 3 video responses
  • Videos (selfie, outward facing, or screen recording) can be a max of 2 minutes


Diary missions (mobile + desktop)

  • Scouts can submit up to 5 photos and 1 video response
    • Note: scouts can only upload one photo per photo prompt. Include a unique photo prompt for each photo you'd like scouts to upload, up to 5.
  • Videos (selfie, outward facing, or screen recording) can be a max of 5 minutes

If you have surpassed the media limitations in a specific dscout product, you will see the following pop-up and will need to remove the excess media prompts prior to submitting your screener or mission for review (Recruit and Express) or launching your mission (Diary).


Recruit (Screeners):









Pro tip! Media limits enforce the number of photos/videos a scout can submit in an entry, but does not dictate the total number of media prompts you can include in your screener, Express mission, or Diary entry script. 

Use skip logic to split scouts into multiple tracks of questions – each of which can have a unique video & photo questions.


In the example above, Scouts A & B get skipped to different video prompts depending on their response to the multiple choice question. Since each scout only submits one video in the course of completing their entry, this research design still fits within dscout’s media limits.

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