Users designated as an Account Owner on subscription accounts will have access to the Admin Overview. Here you’ll have an overview of key account details, including details about your account usage, renewal dates, and points of contact. Check out our breakdown of all your dashboard details below.


  • Subscription: a monthly countdown (“remaining subscription”) until the end of your subscription period, as well as exact start and end dates for your subscription.
      • Account Owners will receive 30/60/90 days-to-renewal emails prior to the end of the subscription end date.
      • If you are the Account Owner for a trial subscription account, you will receive this email at 30 days only. 
  • Seats assigned: the number of seats you’re currently using / seats purchased. Learn more about adding users here.
  • Contact info: you can find your dscout contacts information here—Account Managers for any account related questions + requests, and Lead Research Advisor for any research-specific questions. 
      • Pro tip: running into technical issues? Tap the “?” in the top right corner to reach dscout’s Support team! Please note that the Support team cannot assist with account purchases such as adding more seats or support hours.
  • Support hours: details support hours purchased, used to date, and remaining. Support hours include time your Research Advisor(s) spend supporting you in your research goals—including things such as design reviews.
  • Incentive expenses & fees: details your account’s incentive balance, used to date, and remaining. Note that this only includes incentives handled by dscout and not rewards you and your team have handled off-platform.
  • Activity Credits: details the number of Activity Credits purchased, used to date, and remaining. Note: Not all accounts are set up to use “Activity Credits” as a metric, and may still be using Completes. Email your dscout Account Manager if you have questions about how Completes are tracked.

Note: support hours, incentives, and Activity Credit data is updated hourly. Account Owners will receive an email when 20% of any of these balances remains, and/or you reach or exceed your balance. You can enable or disable these balance emails by going to your Notifications Page.

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