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What is dscout?

dscout is a software solution that companies use to better understand the experiences people have with their products and brands in everyday life.

Our video research platform helps our customers collect millions of in-context moments submitted by people around the world. Our network of participants (we call them scouts) use our app for Android and iOS—and in some cases our desktop application for desktop-specific activities—to take videos, photos, and answer questions. Scouts upload this data to dscout's researcher-facing web app in real time, for researchers to synthesize and share.

dscout is currently comprised of 4 distinct but integrated products: Recruit, Diary, Live, and Express.

dscout Recruit

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dscout Recruit makes it simple to find the right participants for your research. Design and build a screener in the dscout web platform, before opening it up to our pool of 100,000+ eager scouts, or recruit participants from your own networks. Review applicants and then invite your favorite scouts to a Live, Diary, or Express mission.

Read more about screening scouts.

dscout Diary

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With dscout Diary, people share their experiences as they happen, where they happen by completing Diary missions. Diary missions are assignments your participants complete using the dscout mobile app or dscout Chrome extension for desktop. Your mission can contain multiple activities. Each activity can be either a survey that scouts answer once, or a diary that scouts answer repeatedly in different contexts. As scouts document their experiences with videos, photos, and text responses, you'll watch their entries roll into a dashboard in real time. You can invite participants you’ve recruited on your own, or use dscout Recruit to screen scouts from dscout’s panel.

Read more about designing missions.

dscout Live


dscout Live lets you interview people remotely, in context and in-depth, with a video tool designed expressly for researchers. Live simplifies the most time-consuming parts of interviews with research-centric features like participant scheduling, automatic-transcriptions, stimuli, on-call observers, and an interactive timeline for notes and clips. You can invite participants you’ve recruited on your own, or use dscout Recruit to screen scouts from dscout’s panel.

Read more about dscout Live.

dscout Express

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dscout Express is our tool designed to help researchers obtain quick insights from a large sample of scouts through a media survey or usability test. Designed as a single-sitting activity, these missions typically fill up within 24-48 hours, depending on your recruit of course.

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