After each session occurs, the system needs time to process the session and package everything up for you. When the session recording is ready, you will be able to access and analyze the recording along with a transcript on the Sessions page.


Viewing sessions

Video transcripts

  • The transcript will highlight words as the video plays. You can jump to a specific point in the video by clicking directly on a word in the transcript.
  • The transcript is automatically generated and comes with some visibility options:
    • Control which speakers’ text to display. To hide a specific speaker’s transcript, simply switch the toggle off next to that speaker’s name at the top of the page.
    • Control the ability to auto-scroll the transcript as the video plays. You may edit the transcript by selecting the pencil icon located to the left of the text you hover over.
  • You can also create new clips from the transcript by selecting text from the transcript. The selection of the text will denote the start/end time of the clips. Once the text has been selected, select the clip option to create. Read more about using clips here.
  • When selecting text from the transcript, you also have the option to “Copy as Quote.” Clicking the “Copy as Quote” button will copy the selected text as a pre-formatted quote with the scout’s name and metadata, for you to paste elsewhere.


The timeline below the video allows you to jump across the video, speed up playback and control the events you can see. You can choose to hide or show screenshare events, clips, and markers.



Within the session view, you can use markers, notes, and clips to analyze your sessions.  Click here for more information about Live markers, notes, and clips and here for more information about using clips for playlists.


Exporting sessions

Exporting a single session

After a session is complete, you will be able to export the session recording in a .mp4 format. 

  • Click on the blue export icon located on the right side of the interview header (arrow pointing down into a tray).
  • Select the download button next to the stream you would like to access. 
    • Note: if your session included a screensharing moment, you'll have the option to either immediately download the current version of your session, or configure how’d like to download your session after you click the “Download Selected” button. To do so, tap the "Configure" button in the top right corner. This will allow you to configure the screensharing moment(s) to include a picture-in-picture view of the scout's camera.


  • You'll also have the ability to generate and export the transcript as a .tsv, and any notes you took as a .csv via the "Other" menu.
  • Note: full sessions that contain screenshare moments will take longer to generate and download. When this is the case, we'll send you a download link via email to the address associated with your dscout account once the session is ready.



Exporting sessions in bulk

If you'd like to export all sessions from your mission, you can do so via the "Sessions" page:

  • Tap the export icon in the top right corner (box with an arrow pointing out) to expand the export sidebar.
  • You'll see the option to export any of the following:
    • Scout Video
    • Screenshares
    • Clips
    • Scout Pictures (profile photos)
  • Tap the "select all" option or pick and choose what you'd like to export, then tap the blue "Download selected" button. Note: you can remove selections by tapping the "X" icon next to each option in the download queue.


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