Once you or your Observers have created Clips after your session has finished processing, your clips will be available for you on the Clips & Playlists tab on the Sessions page of your dscout Live mission.

Note: at this time Playlists are only available for subscription accounts. Chat with your Account Manager to learn more!


Clips & Playlists: tab overview



  On the Clips & Playlists tab you'll find the following:

  • Search bar to search clips by name or transcript keywords
  • Clips that you, other moderators, and observers have made in the Live mission.  By default, clips are displayed alphabetically by scout name first, clip name second.  You have the option to sort clips by:
    • All - all clips that have been made in the Live mission; or
    • My Clips - all clips that have been made by you personally
    • Creator - choose a moderator or observer from the drop-down list to see the clips that individual person made
  • Playlists Panel that will populate with selected clips and Playlists on the righthand side of the screen


Clips Overview

Clips will have one or more indicators or icons on them for you to reference or interact with:

  • Heart - favorite a clip
  • Dots (aka 'meatballs' or ellipses) - appears when you hover your mouse over the clip and contains more options on click:
    • Configure Screenshare - only available if the clip contains a screen share.  This will allow you to configure the screenshare picture-in-picture options prior to adding to a playlist or downloading.
    • Download - download the clip
  • Time - indicates clip length in the format m:ss (minute:second)
  • Blue line - clips that contain a screen share will have a blue line on the bottom of the thumbnail


  • Checkbox - for selecting multiple clips to add to a playlist / bulk download
  • Clip title - this is the title you or an observer gave to the clip
  • Scout name
  • Clip creator name


Bulk Exporting Clips

To bulk export clips, you'll start by selecting the clips you're interested in downloading by clicking the checkboxes below each clip.

  • Select one or more clips to download to your computer
  • Click on any clip to preview it before downloading
  • Click on the export icon in the upper right-hand corner to open the Bulk Export sidebar:


Once the sidebar is open, you're able to:

  • Select all clips
  • View past exports
  • Remove selected clips
  • Download the clips you have selected.  The system will need a moment to process the export, but after a few moments you'll see a notification with a Download link at the top of your page:



Creating a playlist

To make your playlist, you’ll start by selecting the clips you’re interested in compiling and editing. Note that observers will also have access to creating playlists.

  • Select one or more clips to save as a new playlist or add to an existing playlist.
  • Click on any clip to preview it before adding to a playlist.

Note: Any edits made to clips in the playlist editor won't affect the original clip.  However, if you make updates to the original clip those updates will be reflected in the playlist.



Editing a playlist

Once you select your videos and save them as a new playlist, you’ll land in the playlist editor where you can view and refine your playlist.  Learn more about how to use the playlist editor here!


"Unavailable Clip" message

There are two reasons you might see a clip that has the "Unavailable Clip" message instead of a thumbnail from your session:

  1. If you just created or reconfigured the clip, it needs some time to process. Clips without a screensharing moment should only take a minute or two; clips that contain screensharing moments may take 30 minutes or more depending on the length of the clip.
  2. If it's been longer than 30 minutes and a clip is still unavailable, it may be stuck in processing or it may have failed to generate.

If you have a clip that's been unavailable for longer than an hour, we recommend trying to generate the clip again by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Clips & Playlists tab in your mission
  • Locate a clip that says "Unavailable Clip"
  • Tap on the clip title; this will take you to the session viewer for the call that contains your clip.
  • Scroll down to the clips section below the session player. Locate the clip in question, (note: the clip will be highlighted with a purple bar to the left of the thumbnail icon).
  • Tap on the three dots on the right side of the clip's row; select "download"
  • A banner will appear that says "Your clip is being generated." This is how you'll know you've successfully kicked off your clip to be reprocessed!

Note: keep in mind that creating clips in rapid succession may lead to clips failing to generate. We recommend spacing out clip creation or clip reprocessing by a few minutes to give your clips some space to generate.

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