A screener webpage is automatically generated when you build a screener. It has all the key information about your screener so you have the option to promote the opportunity within your own network. Potential participants can view it on their computer or on their smartphone to get the details and apply.

By default, screener webpages are set to 'Public' whenever you start a new screener draft. You'll find the link in the Participants tab of the Setup page. Once your screener is launched, public links to your screener webpage will be able to be shared as well as discoverable by scouts.

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Choose a private link if you don’t want this screener available to dscout panel scouts in the dscout app. Additionally, by enabling a private screener, any participants you bring to the platform via webpage link will not be added to the dscout panel when creating their scout account.
You can also add custom messaging to the exit screens your externally recruited participants will see when they either successfully complete the screener or get knocked out from the screener. This is helpful in giving participants more information about your study. To do this, first choose a 'private' link then scroll down to the 'Exit Messaging' section. You can then click the blue “edit messaging” button under the default completion and  knockout messages. From there, you’ll be able to type your own customized message into these fields. When you’re finishing typing your message, click 'confirm' to save.


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Before launching, you can check out what your webpage will look like from the scout perspective by hovering over the image that appears under Webpage Preview, and select "Click to preview". Here, you'll also be able to preview your completion and knockout messaging . The previews will show the most up to date copy you’ve added.

Here's what a screener splash page looks like when a scout first opens it:



Here's what you'll see when previewing your custom completion or exit messaging: 



By clicking either 'Sign Up' or 'Apply to Mission,' potential participants who've never used dscout will be able to apply by simply providing their first name, last name, and email address. Read more about the external participant application flow here.

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