Your screener design will depend heavily on the type of participant you want and your research design, meaning each screener will necessarily be different! However, we do have some tips for how to make the most of dscout Recruit:

  1. Watch our webinar all about screening with dscout here
  2. See our sample screener, below, for a little bit of inspiration and some quick tips.


Screener: Magical Shopping

This screener was designed to find scouts who shop frequently. 

The mission would focus on how scouts would use a "magic button" if they had one (Q9, the video prompt in the screener, asked scouts their opinion on that topic). 

TIP: Focus your screener video prompt on your research topic to be sure scouts are interested in it!

It uses plenty of closed-ended questions to assist with filtering applications (i.e., selecting scouts for the mission) along with a few articulation (open-ended and one video) questions to help determine scouts' ability to communicate effectively, as well as their creativity.

The screener comprises 14 questions, plus our 5 standard profile demographic questions.

TIP: Keep your screener short and sweet to keep scouts' attention and interest. Save the meaty questions for your mission!


Screener Details

The name and teaser are fun and engaging, meant to draw scouts' attention and pique their interest. Be sure to make use of dscout's fun hero images! 

TIP: Be creative with your screener name and teaser to capture scouts' attention.


Question Script

The knock-outs (you might know them as terminates or DQs) are at the beginning of the screener. 

TIP: Have your knock-outs at the beginning of your screener, to ensure you don't waste you or scouts' time and effort.


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