Your teaser is intended to provide participants with a general idea about the topic of your study. The best teasers include:

  • Details about your project's goals
  • The amount of time and number of activities your project entails
  • The reward scouts who complete your project can expect
  • Any specific requests you'll make during your screener. For example, if your mission is about how scouts play with their pets, and you require them to take a picture of their pet in your screener, let scouts know they need to be around their pet when they apply.

Good teaser examples

  • "We'd love you to take us on a tour of your refrigerator in an upcoming mission that pays $20. Make sure you're at home before starting this application, because we'll ask you to answer a few questions and take a quick video of your fridge!"
  • "It's getting to be that festive time of year again, and we're planning a special project that will last from Thanksgiving to New Years. Apply now for the chance to participate! If selected for this project, you'll share a little about what life is like for you over the holidays in a series of 6 activities over the next 8 weeks. Scouts who complete this project will earn $300!"
  • "Have you ever looked at something you use, own or wear and thought of a neat way to improve it? Now is your chance to share these ideas with product designers! Apply now for the chance to make $15 by completing a 1-Activity mission all about making better stuff. You will need to record a 30-second video as part of this application."

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