You’ve hand-picked the best scouts, invited them to your mission, and begun preparing for your Live sessions. Now what? 

Meet the Manage Page: your center of command for the rest of your Live mission. Manage page now has two views to better support where you are in the research process:


Table View

The Manage Table displays a row for each session in your Live mission. Similar to the Diary Manage page, you’ll see rows dedicated to each scout.  These rows include the following helpful information:




This column, similar to the Diary Manage page, allows you to communicate with your scouts via message. The number within the bubble indicates the number of unread messages you have from the scout; a dash indicates that you're all caught up on messages.




This column shows how far along each scout is in the mission process. Statuses can either be Invited, Accepted, Pre-Test, Rejected, Scheduled, Recording, Completed, or Closed.

  • Invited = The scout has been sent an invitation to the mission.
  • Pre-Test = This status only appears in Live desktop missions, and means that the scout has accepted their invitation. 
    • Note: The icon next to their status will indicate whether they haven’t completed (gray dash) or passed (green check) their pre-test. A scout cannot schedule or be scheduled for a session until they have passed their pre-test.
  • Rejected = Scout rejected the invitation. 
  • Accepted = This status only appears in Live mobile missions and means the scout has accepted the invitation.
  • Scheduled = The scout has a session scheduled.
  • Recording = Interview is actively occurring and being recorded. 
  • Completed = The session has been completed. Tap the gray “view session” button to watch the recording of the session!
  • Closed = The researcher has closed the scout. Read more about re-opening a scout here.



Scheduled Time

Once a scout has been scheduled, this column will show the date and time of their session. If a scout has yet to schedule their session, you’ll see a blue “Schedule Now” button. If a scout hasn’t yet accepted their invitation, or they haven’t passed their pre-test (desktop only), you will not be able to schedule their session.


Note: Using the ellipsis icon to the right, you are also able to reschedule or cancel a “Scheduled” session, add another session with a “Completed” scout, or close a scout entirely from the Live mission. Tap the checkmark to the left of a scout’s name to see additional features like adding a new session.





Here is where you’ll select the moderator(s) from the dropdown menu for each Live session. Any researcher added to the project who has researcher or Account Owner access can moderate sessions. You can’t begin or join a session until at least one moderator has been selected!



Session button

Access each individual session in your Live mission by clicking on this button. The button’s appearance changes depending on your role in the project and the session’s status (pre-call, mid-call, post-call). 

  1. The button will be grayed out entirely for all researchers until at least one moderator has been selected in the Moderator column. Be sure to select at least one moderator prior to beginning your session.
  2. If you are a selected Moderator for the session, you will see a “Start session” button pre-call.
  3. If you are not a selected Moderator for the session, you will see a “Observe session” button pre- and mid-call. Read more about observers here
  4. Once a session has been completed, the button will say “View session” and link you to the Sessions page of your mission. There, you’ll find the recorded and transcribed version of that particular interview.



Session Link 

The link icon to the right of the session button can be used to copy the hyperlink to each scout’s unique session link. Note: Guest links are not available for Live mobile missions at this time. Tapping the link icon will copy the session link which can be used by the moderator(s), scout, and observers; you will not see the menu below in a Live mobile mission.


  • Collaborators Share Link - send this link to:
    • Any person who has a dscout account and has been added to a dscout project as a collaborator. 
    • The scout if they’ve misplaced their invitation email

  • Guest Share Link (Live desktop only) - send this link to:
    • Any person who does not have a dscout account and does not need collaborator tools.

Read more about Inviting Live Mission Observers and Guests here!



Payment status

This column indicates the status of each scout's payment. Read more about sending incentives here!



Calendar View

The Calendar tab allows you to easily schedule and reschedule your sessions and visualizes your scheduled sessions in a calendar view.



Scheduled time

Once a scout is scheduled, they’ll show up in the calendar left sidebar under “scheduled” and the scheduled session will be visible on the calendar in green.

  • Unscheduled session times can be moved by dragging and dropping while viewing the calendar.
  • Note: scouts can’t be manually scheduled until they pass their pre-test (desktop only) - available to them when they open their session link.

Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_3.52.04_PM.png.   Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_3.52.23_PM.png


Session link

Available in the scheduled session card on the calendar - click the copy link icon or click “Join session” (note: you must assign at least one moderator before “Join Session” is available).



You can access messages on the calendar tab by:

  • Clicking on the message icon that appears when hovering over a scout in the scout list located on the left side of the page
  • Clicking on the sidebar icon at the top right of the page. This will open up the messages sidebar, and a scout can then be selected from the scout list.


You can also assign the moderator(s) in the calendar tab by using the drop down on the session card itself.

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