We get it – life happens! If you need to reschedule a session, be sure to communicate with your scout via the Manage page. 


On the Manage table

Once you and the scout agree on a new time for your Live session, navigate back to the Manage table. Click the ellipsis next to the scout's session time and tap "Reschedule." Once you confirm a new time, the scout will receive a notification in their messages and email.


On the Manage calendar

On the Manage calendar view, you can drag and drop a scheduled session to reschedule.

  • If you manually schedule or reschedule a session that partially overlaps with an empty availability time slot, be sure to delete the old time slot from the calendar so that it will not be viewable by unscheduled scouts.
  • You can also click on the scheduled session, open the more options menu (clicking the 3 dots ...) and select "reschedule scout."
  • Both actions will enable the details modal where you can manually edit the time and edit the message that will be sent to your scout. Clicking Confirm and Send will notify the scout that they have been rescheduled (both via email and via a message)

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