If any of your scouts are having trouble uploading entries, have them take a look at this comprehensive troubleshooting guide. (See an example message you can send participants below.)

90% of the time, if a photo or video doesn't upload correctly, it's due to connectivity issues; all your scout will need to do is connect to a strong WiFi signal and tap on the entry with an error to retry re-uploading the entry.


Example message you can send to scouts having trouble

"Hi there!

Looks like at least one of your entries didn't upload successfully. Would you mind connecting to a strong WiFi signal and trying again? It's also a good idea to make sure the dscout app and your phone's operating system are both up to date.

If you're still having issues, go ahead and force quit the dscout app and restart it, then sign out and back into your account. (If you've forgotten your password, just click the "forgot password" link to reset it.)

If all else fails, delete the dscout app and reinstall it. All your profile data, mission history, and any submitted entries will all be saved! Only entries that haven't been submitted successfully won't be saved.

Please take a look at this extensive troubleshooting guide if you need additional details:


If you're experiencing a problem that isn't listed in this article, please send an email to scout technical support at help@dscout.com. Thanks for your perseverance!"

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