When recruiting from your own pool of participants, you have several options for how to get those participants on to dscout. In this article, we’ll be outlining how to onboard participants via Live Mobile, but you can see links to other onboarding flows below:

Once you have set up your mission, manually added your Participants [first name, last name, email address], and launched the mission, your participants will go through the following steps to get onboarded on to the dscout platform.  This flow will outline the steps external participants will take if your Live mission will be held on MOBILE.  If you're hoping to see the flow that outlines the steps external participants will take if your Live mission will be held on DESKTOP please check that article out here.


1. Participants will receive an email notification from *participate@dscout.com* that they’ve been invited to a dscout mission




2. Once Participants select *Setup Account* they will be prompted to create a dscout account




3. Participants will then need to read and agree to the Scout Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

See a copy of the Scout Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy here.




4. Participants will then arrive at a webpage that will walk them through tips and tricks about Live Mobile missions

walkthru_1.pngwalkthru_2.png walkthru_3.pngwalkthru_4.pngwalkthru_5.png



5. Once Participants select *Got it!* they will be prompted to accept the mission and instructed to open the mission in the dscout app




6. Once Participants have downloaded the app and logged in with their dscout credentials, they will see the mission under *In Progress* in the dscout app




7. After tapping into the mission, they will see an option to choose their timeslot, as well as a pre-session checklist of recommended activities to test their device.

You can read more about the device setup process (we call this the Live pre-test) here.


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