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We recommend including no more than 20 questions in your screener, one of which can prompt scouts to take a picture, and one of which can ask for a video. In addition, you can ask up to 6 pre-written questions asking for basic demographic information.

Any knockout questions used to automatically disqualify scouts based on their answer choice should be utilized at the beginning of the screener. These applicants will be skipped to the end and marked as a “bad fit."

Click on the links below to read about all of our question types:

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Multiple choice

  • Single select: Limit scouts to 1 answer option.
  • Multiple select: Allow scouts to select multiple answer options. In addition to knockout logic, multiple select questions allow you to include must-select logic. Use this logic to designate response choices that scouts must select to qualify. 

Multiple choice programming options


  • Randomize choices: use this to present multiple choice answer options in a random order to scouts.
  • "Other (Tap to Type)": use this to provide a write-in response option. Note that this option will always be anchored at the bottom of the list even when randomization is used.
  • "None of the Above": use this to allow scouts to select "None of the Above." It will be excluded from randomization and cannot be chosen in combination with other response options.
  • Disqualify if all selected: this is a toggle on multiple choice (multiple select) questions that will flag any scouts that select every option. This is on a per question basis, and shouldn't be enabled if you believe that a scout could truthfully select every option.
    • If a scout selects all choices on a multiple choice question (and this setting is enabled), the scout will be rejected, and their application will be moved to "Bad Fit."
    • If “Other” or “None of the Above” is a response choice, a scout will be rejected if they select all of the programmed choices. “Other” and / or “None of the Above” do not need to be selected to disqualify the scout for selecting all responses.


Ask scouts for an open-ended response. 

  • 140 characters: Limit scouts to 140 characters for their response.
  • No limit: Do not apply a character limit to the question response.


Give scouts a breather or additional context without asking a question.



Provide scouts with a numerical scale for ratings. Scale questions allow you to specify a scale as large as 0-100.



Ask scouts to rank your answer options (e.g. rank the following pizza toppings from best (1) to worst (6)).

  • Rank all: ask scouts to rank all of the answer options listed
  • Custom limit: ask scouts to rank at least x number of answer options, at most number of answer options, or exactly x number of answer options listed.

Randomize rank choices: use this to present rank choice answer options in a random order to scouts.

"Other (Tap to Type)": use this to provide a write-in response option. Note that this option will always be anchored at the bottom of the list even when randomization is used.

Scouts can mark rank options as N/A: for "Rank all" ranking questions, use this to allow scouts to mark any rank choices that are not relevant to them as "not applicable." This option is not available for "Custom limit" ranking questions.

You can find a complete rundown of ranking questions and how to analyze the results here!



Ask scouts to provide a number, up to 9 digits long. (Be sure to specify the unit in your question prompt).



Ask scouts for up to 1 photo and 1 video in a screener.

  • Photo: PNG and JPEG files accepted
  • Video (30, 60, or 120 seconds): MP4 and MOV files accepted; max recording length is 1 minute.
  • Screen recording: Ask scouts to record their phone's screen for up to 2 minutes. If you want scouts to explore a prototype or website, you can set the screen recording type to link and share a URL for the scouts to click on. For more general screen recordings, set the type to "app." Just a heads up, screen recording questions count as a video question.  (Check out the guide we provide to scouts on how to screen record here!)



Use our built-in profile questions to understand the industry each applicant works within. These questions do not count against the 20-question limit. Note: you are not able to edit these questions or apply skip or knockout logic to the response options.

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