Starting your session

Live sessions must be conducted on a desktop or laptop computer using the Chrome browser.

  • Once it's time to begin your Live session, click the “Start” button in the row that corresponds with your scout.
  • At the next step, we will run a few tests to make sure your mic and your camera are working, and that your internet connection is reliable enough to join the call. If you haven't used dscout Live before as a moderator or participant, you will need to grant camera and mic access. 

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  • Once the participant is present and ready to begin the call, simply click the "Start Session" button to begin your video session.
    • Note: sessions are automatically recorded and uploaded to the "Sessions" page in your Live mission once complete—no action required on your part!

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In your session

You'll find a number of features within the session room once you've started your call—check out the list below for an overview of all the tools you're able to utilize during your session!


  • Session link (chainlink icon): use this to quickly copy the session link for your scout, or Observers who may be joining the call.
  • Participants list (people icon): use this to scan the name of Observers + Guests who have joined the call. The moderator + scout will appear here as well!
  • Exit: use this to permanently close your call.
    • Note: a call cannot be reaccessed or reopened after you tap the "exit" button!
  • Chat: Use the "Scout" tab to message directly with your scout in-session, and the "Collaborators" tab to chat with your Observers and/or Guests.
    • Note #1: Observers and Guests cannot message the participant.
    • Note #2: In-session chat with participants is not supported in Live mobile calls, so you will only find this option in Live desktop sessions.
  • Stim: Use this to access + send any previously uploaded stimuli.
  • Notes: Use this tab to make internal notes about the session; these will be available to you in the session recording view after your session is complete.
  • Markers: Use this tab to keep track of markers created in the session.
  • Mark time: Use this button to create a marker.
  • Camera icon: Use to disable or re-enable your camera.
  • Microphone icon: Use to disable or re-enable your microphone.
  • Screenshare iconUse to share your screen with your participant.
    • Note #1: Moderators cannot screenshare in Live mobile sessions, so you will only find this option in Live desktop sessions.
    • Note #2: Participants cannot take control of your screen when screensharing.
  • Closed-captions: Use to enable real-time closed-captioning for your Live session.
    • Note: this will only enable CC for your view.

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