We know the importance of getting your research design just right, and we know from your feedback that there are barriers in dscout that have made this harder than it should be. That's why we are excited to share three bold changes to the dscout platform that will make your screeners sing, your missions masterful, and your research rock.


More Questions, Fewer Workarounds

Mission activities, released in January 2018 (and formerly known as "parts"), made the Diary tool more adaptable and effective than ever before. Yet even with multiple activities, our customers bumped against the question ceiling, limiting creativity. Well, we heard you and removed question limits, freeing you to design research that makes the most of our platform.

Now, Diary is perfect for for deeper quantitative questionnaires, broader demographic surveys, or customized skip logic branches. With more questions, it's easier than ever to collect quant with your qual. Whatever your need, dscout Diary is now more adaptable and versatile. Open Diary’s mission builder and start creating your contextual masterwork—we're here to help should you need it.


Richer Descriptions


Moments-focused research conducted remotely relies on effective instructions, triggering, and guard-railing, all of which is typically done via mission overviews and activity instructions. As effective as terse, punchy prompts can be for priming scouts to capture the right moment, it's hard to beat a bold word or an italicized phrase to accentuate and drive home your messaging.

Both of these formatting options, as well as hyperlinking text, are now available for dscout Diary missions. You can customize the formatting with simple, common keystrokes, like underscores (_) for italic and asterisks (*) for bold. This feature is available when creating mission overviews, activity instructions, question prompts, and scout messaging.

Making your questions more engaging and emphatic will help scouts better understand questions and deliver meaningful responses. Try it out in your account!


Make a Splash With Custom Hero Images


Take your missions and screeners from stock to stand-out with a custom hero image. 

Partnering with Unsplash, you now have access to thousands of free images right from the dscout screener or mission builder. Screeners with engaging hero images pique scouts' curiosity, increasing applications; mission hero images keep your project top-of-mind, improving completes.

Simply type an image keyword and watch as hundreds of images populate below—it couldn't be easier. Clicking the smartphone icon gives you a preview of how the image will look on your scouts' devices.


The better you’re able to customize your research to your exact specifications, the easier it is to derive the insights you need. By removing question limits, adding text formatting, and integrating the Unsplash image database, we’ve enabled you to do just that. Make your research stand out, spur scout engagement, and create eye-opening insights with dscout Diary. Reach out your research advisor or contact an account executive to learn more. 

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