Adding stimuli to research missions is highly valuable when conducting concept evaluations, design comparisons, or any other type of research where participant feedback on presented visuals is required or desired. Stim is available across all of dscout’s Recruit, Express, Diary, and Live tools. 

To increase the usability of our stim feature, we’ve made enhancements to include:

  • Preview from the builder – view stim as your scouts will see it on mobile or desktop prior to launching a mission or screener to ensure it meets the desired presentation
  • In-context views - see stim with associated questions when accessing Setup and data views, removing the need to remember or toggle to see what stim scouts viewed when answering a particular question
  • Download - access and download stim from the viewer and/or stim library for use in presentations or other missions

For more information on this update and how to apply it, visit our article on Question Stim.

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