Sharing the story of a customer is an experience professional's superpower. Video—with its honest perspective, rich detail, and visceral depth—is particularly persuasive. dscout has added an intuitive way to create actionable and empathic stories from video data, whether it's in a screener or a one-on-one interview.

The playlist editor has been updated with more ways to polish, refine, and organize user stories for maximum impact. These include customizable title cards, fades between media, technical options like levelling audio and adjusting the aspect ratio, and even a dark mode. Time is always tight when creating deliverables, and we've refined the playlist editor to be powerful yet intuitive, enabling front-line practitioners to manage more of their synthesis workflow.

The video playlist editor is available across all of dscout's tools for current subscribers.


dscout's Playlist Editor

What's New

Our playlist editor is a popular way to select, organize, and sharpen stories supporting research findings. Professionals love trimming by transcript, WYSIWYG ordering of media, and the share/export options. dscout's product team studied the workflows of experience researchers to create thoughtful additions that centralize and streamline processes, reducing the time to create—as well as increasing the quality of—video stories. 

Text slides can be added before or after any piece of media, customizable with a title and subtitle. Introduce a highlight reel, summarize themes throughout, or organize by product to help drive clarity. In addition, fades can be added between all media—including text slides—to help better pace and story tell.


Text Slide Editing Menu

For any single piece of media, the ability to add a scout's first name and last initial personalizes the story; a video's orientation can be flipped to correct any on-screen text; and media can be rotated as-needed to ensure consistency. These settings are customizable for each and every video in a playlist, offering maximum control.


Settings for Media in a Playlist

Toggle on and off a dark theme—changing the video sideboards and and text slides between black and white. Normalize participant audio levels to ensure a similar volume (and watching experience) across all participant media. Lastly, adjust the aspect ratio to either 4:3 or 16:9 to better accommodate desktop vs. mobile video capture.


Playlist Settings Apply to All Media

Data In, Story Out

The playlist editor supports a variety of use cases; offer context about a sample's background,  utilize video collected in a screener; or provide digestible shareouts of 1:1 Live interviews. 

The best stories are those folks engage with, and the playlist editor offers a variety of socialization features. Create a public share link for stakeholders; integrate with a Slack channel; or export and drop into a deck. However you choose, storytelling with dscout video adds a powerful empathy source to your toolkit.

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