Customer-obsessed brands know the importance of an experience that delivers across modes, be it in-store, a mobile app, or on a classic desktop website. dscout is introducing an expansion of its Diary functionality to the desktop—now, create research activities for either mobile or desktop, within the same mission. The flexibility offers the opportunity for truly omnichannel experience research.

Whether it's catching up on the day's news, streaming a favorite show, or getting work done remotely, your users' behavior is increasingly omnichannel. These and countless other experiences are happening across modalities, and Diary is better positioned to capture these critical moments. 

Researchers, designers, product managers, and even marketing teams can benefit from omnichannel data. Motivations, perceptions, and expectations shift screen-to-screen, meaning innovative brands need to stay sharp in order to deliver engaging experiences.

Noteworthy Use Cases

The addition of an unmoderated desktop functionality supercharges many existing applications and offers flexibility to capture participants' experience feedback across device types.

Here are a few applications with omnichannel framing:

  • Shopper journeys, including inspiration, research, price comparison, and purchase options—See which sites are trusted and the pathways folks take from start to finish.
  • Concept tests, especially when mobile vs. desktop differences are expected—Does functionality perform better in one channel compared to another? Benchmark it!
  • Experience optimization, which helps ensure stable performance across modalities—Maybe a mobile app doesn't need to "do" everything the desktop does?

SR-2.pngLaunch powerful and intuitive experience research on desktop.

However it's used, adding an omnichannel frame to experience research creates a more valid design, matching the world most users find themselves: jumping from device-to-device, screen-to-screen, and across modes. Expanding the data capture lens only offers an opportunity for a more complete picture, regardless of the study's goal or aim.

Creating Desktop Research

The desktop version of Diary mirrors that of the mobile experience. Program all the same kinds of questions like open-ends, scale, and ranking, which participants complete via an extension in their Chrome browser. In order to better support desktop-focused experience capture, the screen recording question has been expanded to five minutes. With this, record anything on a participant's desktop screen, both inside and outside of the browser. Designating a research activity for completion on desktop is as simple as a click during the building phase of your work.



Now, create any research activity for the desktop with a single click.

To learn more, get added to a demo project on shopper journeys here.

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