Fresh off an interview, research debrief, or remote in-home session, you want to dive right into the data and start making sense of it. We’ve redesigned the Live sessions page to make critical features more accessible and easier to use.

We’ve rebalanced the page’s information so key features are easy to find and compete less for your attention. The transcript is more prominent (and more interactive, with new design elements denoting screen-sharing, clips, and notes) next to the video playback window. Clips (shortened highlights of your call) have moved to just below the video playback, so you can intuitively cut a share-worthy moment.

Additionally, we've made it easier to create, edit, and organize your clips. Create them from the playbar within the video or directly from the transcript. Whichever you choose, the controls are more prominent and easier to adjust, making sifting, searching, and surfacing insight-worthy moments a snap. 


Easily turn clips into video highlight reels from the  sessions overview page. Select your favorite, most impactful clips and quickly export the playlist as a single file for sharing with stakeholders. The playlist view includes all clips created across interviews, allowing for more user stories to be seamlessly weaved together into a single, polished  highlight reel.

The sessions page update reduces the amount of time required to start digging into, and making sense of, your moderated user research data. With a more balanced sessions view, you can spend more time synthesizing your interviews into actionable insights. Check out dscout Live today and learn more about the sessions page here.

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